Rules and Submission

JiT’23   is an event within the scope of  Tunae with  a peer review process. 


SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: until January 21, 2023 (

There are three modalities of participation in ISET’23: 
– Oral Communication by Invitation;
– Poster communication (online or in person);
– No communication.

– The Scientific Committee will decide on the quality of the proposals and, eventually, will indicate suggestions for improving the submitted abstracts.
– Each author can only present/publish up to three proposals/communications. – Abstract submission for the ISET’23
abstract book   according to the following model:


When filling in the ISET’23 registration form  , the author(s) must indicate the theme in which the  poster communication fits :

All authors must be registered and present at  ISET’23 , either via videoconference or in person.

All proposals will only be accepted through their submission at the following address: . For more information about  ISET’23  visit this website or contact the organization via email.

The deadline for abstract submission (Oral Communication by Invitation or Communication by Poster) is 01/21/2023


Modality for individuals invited by the  ISET’23 Organizing Committee  who, due to their experience and competence in their area, hold a degree of knowledge that is recognized for participating in  ISET’23  in various modalities, such as main speakers in panels, workshops and debates.

In addition to the oral communication, guests must present a summary of the communication proposal (communication or workshop, debates are not included) which can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English. The abstract is limited to a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 3000 characters, including spaces and up to 3 bibliographic references (optional), according to the model provided on the page:

• Abstracts must include:
– Title (with a maximum of twelve words; capitalize only the first word – except acronyms and similar);
– Framework and purpose of the study or project;
– Research methods/methodology (if applicable);
– Results (if applicable);
– Conclusions;
– Bibliographic references up to a maximum of three (optional).


Modality for all participants who wish to present a poster at the event in accordance with the  planned themes . 

Abstracts of communication proposals can be submitted in Portuguese and English. Abstracts are limited to a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 3000 characters, including spaces and up to 3 bibliographical references (optional), according to the model provided on the  Norms and Submission page .

After peer review of the abstracts by the Scientific Committee, if approved, the authors must prepare a poster for posting and presentation at  ISET’23  according to the program. The posters presented must be original and fit within the scope of the event. Download the template here: jornals23_poster

After acceptance of the abstract for publication, the poster communication must be presented at the event in A2 format (printed) following the  good practices for preparing posters .

The evaluation of the “Best Poster” corresponds to the classification attributed by the Jury constituted by the Scientific Committee of  ISET’23  and by the Board of Directors of RaussTuna/TMB. The result will be announced on the last day of the event.


Students, teachers or other participants who only wish to attend the event, without communication, must register in this space. Registration is free, however, if you wish to purchase the package of meals and extras, you can check this option during the registration process, using the button below.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the organizing committee via e-mail: